Macbeth’s deteriorating mind in different way as a lots of things going through his mind and hes questioning him self that everything he did was useless because he had to kill his best friend to become king, and also  Macbeth was pushing him in a way that she though was right. now his wife lady Macbeth […]

I’m writing about my area DAY AND NIGHT

It makes me think of wen someone is in trouble or getting jumped by a group of gang or boys because they don’t like him or tryna rubbed him when I hear this song I think of headache because the beat of this song like jumping up and down while moving your head mad because […]

Introduction: What is the social, historical and cultural background of the stimulus? Does it have a defined background? The main reason for the chain of events leading up to the main event during the play would be Josephs decision to protect his family, by killing another man in self defence. If Joseph had not done […]

ITEM 2 Monologue, Duologue or Script. The situation I decided to explore was about the lost family members where the younger brother got sent to jail for robbing a shop. He was using it as an excuse because he was the only one left to look after his mum and his older brother’s child. He […]

Mrs. joe has been out a dozen times, looking for you, Pip. And she’s out now, making it bakers doze. Is she? Yes, Pip, said joe; and whats worse, she’s got Tickler with her. At this dismal intelligence, i twisted the only button on my waited coat round and round, and looked in great depression […]

It about old guy who have been in caring for over seven years without seen his wife and kid, his wife died but he wouldn’t remember because he has short memory from the bullet that hit him in his head. his son billy visit him in hospital and bring him some new clothes to change […]